A Nice “Feel Good” Story In Two Parts

Part 1  Comes From Ohio, USA

found at   protecher.net

numbers“Someone on here posted a math website that had math activities for grades 1 – 12, called A+ Click.

Anyway, I passed it along to my husband, who teaches math ~ who is addicted to math. My husband got on the doggone thing ~ and stayed for weeks. It’s so like him ~ anything with computers and math has got to be good!

Sadly, there were a few “glitches” in some of the answers ~ which only a math nut like my husband would ever notice! After that, he was on that website every night, scouring for ways to tweak it. (I never got back on the thread to mention this ~ I just didn’t have the heart to put cold water on it…)

Well, each time my husband found something ~ he would politely email the creator, who came to welcome my husband’s input. This went on for several weeks ~ by now, I think my husband spent so much time on the website that he’s seen every problem ever invented! So, today, I guess my husband found, in his school mailbox, a letter from the creator (who lives in Europe) thanking him so nicely ~ and a big, glossy book on Switzerland, with gorgeous picture after gorgeous picture in it!!! Wow!

Strangers reaching out to one another, across great distances, just because of common interests in learning and helping other learners ~ kind mutual exchanges like this give me hope for a better world!”

Part 2 Comes From Lausanne Switzerland

The site founder wrote:

“When I was a young boy, I studied mathematics in school and also on my own using Martin Gardner’s puzzles books. I often walked several miles to the city library in chilly Siberian frost to read just a few of the puzzle books’ pages. Very soon, I missed compelling challenges.

Now, as an adult, I am eager to help children throughout the world who are in the same position that I was in as a child to discover interesting, practical, and challenging math and logic puzzles and answers. We created a collection of more than 7000 compelling problems at www.aplusclick.org. These problems are illustrated, short, simple, and interesting for all ages. No sign up, no fees, and no advertising. Everybody can participate in a continuous online international competition.

Dozens of people worldwide have helped us develop this library of math problems. They thoroughly reviewed the problems and helped to make them simple and clear. The volunteers are acknowledged at the A+click site.

Every day, thousands of children spend a great deal of time and effort mastering their logical reasoning and mathematical thinking at Aplusclick .

We thank all of our users and contributors for such a marvelous initiative to help children grow intellectually and become problems solvers.”

How to cut cheese and why does the world need problem solvers?


I have a rectangular piece of Swiss cheese with a round hole.

How do I cut the piece of cheese with one straight line into two parts of equal weight?

I tried to cut along a diagonal line, weighed it, and found that they were not equal. Oops!

My experience tells me that a line must go through 2 points. One point belongs to the rectangle, while another belongs to the hole. Therefore, my cut now goes through the centers of these two shapes and I have two pieces of equal weight.



When I was an young boy, I solved dozens of problems like this everyday. They became more difficult every time. Now, working as a business developer at a high tech company, my colleagues and I solve more serious and complex problems for our business on a regular basis.

I urge kids to increase their talent and sharpen their mind by practicing these types of problems, starting with simple problems and increasing the difficulty level, such as by solving puzzles at the website aplusclick.com. Of course, this will take effort and time; but trust me when I say that you will be able to experience an interesting, rewarding, and exciting life in return.

The world needs innovative creators who are able to solve problems! Practice makes perfect!