Talent or Hard Work

The majority of Americans believe that only gifted students have ability to learn math, Asians link the success to hard work.

sixfingers1Student fear of math can be related to performance anxiety.

Math is not as scary as it may seem. The resolution of the issue: practice, practice, and practice! Start from simple, practice everyday,  and go further. The teacher makes difference through asking interesting practical questions adapted to students ability.


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One Response to Talent or Hard Work

  1. Gumisai Kuona says:

    Achievement in mathematics is a combination of talent and hard work. Most learners pass the young age with the basics which is the foundation to great heights untapped. Let me take this time to thank my grade 4 teacher who enforced me to work hard, thereby making me one of the best mathematicians. Since he taught me, my achievement in mathematics was like coming from darkness.

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