19th Century Math Genius Taught Us the Best Way to Hold a Pizza Slice

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Just fold the pizza slice into a U shape that keeps the slice from flopping over.

Very complex math theory explains extremely simple thing that we get from our experience ourselves. Do we really need math theory for that? I think – YES.

Math genius Carl Friedrich Gauss did not mean pizza when he created the theory. Probably, the pizza did not exist in 1800 in the same way we eat it now.

The are many phenomena that we used to see and can be or cannot be explained later by the theorists.

Please hold your pizza as Mr. Gauss advised.

To Solve Unsolved Problems

Professor UC Berkley Jerzy Neyman wrote two examples of famously unsolved statistics problems on the blackboard. His graduate student George  Dantzig arrived late when nobody was in the class. He assumed that the two problems were a homework assignment. According to Dantzig, the problems “seemed to be a little harder than usual”, but a few days later he handed in completed solutions for the two problems to his professor.

Source : Wikipedia

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