AplusclickPracticalQuestionsA+Click Logic and Math Puzzles.

A+Click blog provides simple explanations of how we use math in everyday life. The examples are presented at the website   aplusclick. A+ Click features a collection of illustrated challenging math problems for students in grades one through twelve. The website has a graduated set of over 10,000 problems, starting from the very simple to the extremely difficult. The website also includes hundreds of practical problems and brainteasers. The website helps students become problem solvers. No fees, no ads, no registration, no calculators and no frustration. Perfect practice makes perfect!

Igor Kokcharov  and Gerry Geek are responsible for all errors on the website.

3 Responses to About

  1. Nirupama says:

    thanks for this great website. My 2 school going kids are doing this we simply love this web site . this is very addictive .

  2. webmaster says:

    I pay a quick visit each day some sites and information sites to read content,
    but this weblog presents feature based writing.

  3. OwnShadow says:

    This is fascinating stuff. As it happens, prime numbers have always interested me.
    By chance I discovered a way to factorize a number without having to divide anything. It turns out some easily-generated sequences have such a relationship that unless a term from one can be found in the other, then the value of n used to generate one of those sequences must be prime. These sequences need only a number of terms equal to a quarter of n and, thanks to a handy mathematical law it, each term need not have any more than a very low number of digits no matter how large the value of n. It seems to me it would be very easy for a powerful computer to generate and sort through the two sets of data looking for a match. Much easier than the current method of trying to divide huge numbers into huge numbers. Do you have any thoughts on this?

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